Atlantic Margins Project: Data Acquisition 2000

In May 2000  nearly 700 km of wide-angle  seismic data were acquired  in the  North Rockall
Trough using 50 Geopro  Ocean Bottom Seismometers (OBS) aboard the R/V Boris Petrov.
In addition all shots were also recorded by British Geological Survey (BGS) landstations on the
Isle of Lewis and the Mainland. On Line E  3881 shots of a 3040 in3 airgun array were recorded
by 48 OBS along a 465 km long profile from the Hebrides Shelf across the Rockall Trough and
Lousy Bank and reaching onto oceanic crust. Line D has a length of 180 km and 19 OBS
were used to record 1695 shots.
Location map of Line E (yellow line) and Line D (red line).
OBS positions (inverted triangles) and landstations (black triangles)
are indicated. The edge of the extrusive basalt is indicated by the
thin red line.
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