Atlantic Margins Project: Data acquisition 1998

In a first phase in 1998 two 2D deep seismic reflection profiles crossing the
Rockall Trough, Rockall Bank, Hatton Trough and Hatton Bank and down the axis
of the Porcupine seabight were shot during April and May using the
SMNG vessel M/V Professor Polshkov operated by GECO-PRAKLA and
contracted to the University of Cambridge on behalf of the Atlantic Margins Project.
A tuned source (5220 cu. in.) rich in low frequencies to provide good energy
transmission deep into the crust was deployed with a 6 km long streamer
towed at 14 m or 15 m depth to avoid swell noise and further enhance very low
In a second phase during September 1998 a 2D deep seismic refraction profile
crossing part of the Rockall Trough, Hatton Trough and the Hatton Bank
was acquired using the NERC vessel RRS Charles Darwin and using ocean-bottom
hydrophones and supplied by GEOMAR.

Location map of the Profiles shot in May and September 1998.
Ocean bottom seismometer positions are indicated by  triangles.

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