Atlantic Margins Project: Data acquisition 1999

The data acquisition 1999 consisted of of two combined deep seismic
reflection and wide-angle profiles and one deep seismic reflection profile
crossing the Faroe-Shetland Trough and the Shetland Platform. The data were
acquired using the Veritas Viking II and the Akademik Boris Petrov, both
contracted to the University of Cambridge on behalf of the Atlantic Margins
Project. Viking II acquired the normal incidence data and supplied the source
recorded by Ocean Bottom Seismometers deployed by the Petrov.
The normal incidence profiles were shot using an acquisition configuration specially
designed for deep near normal incidence reflection and refraction profiling.
A tuned source (8900 cu. in.) rich in low frequencies to provide good
energy transmission deep into the crust was deployed with a 10 km long
streamer towed at 18 m depth to avoid swell noise and further enhance
 low frequencies. OBSs supplied by GEOPRO acquired 4 component wide-angle data.
The Petrov fired a lower powered (3040 cu. in.) array, similarly rich in low frequencies, into
OBS on line C.

Location map of the three profiles acquired in 1999. OBS
locations are marked by triangles. The edge of the extrusive basalts
 is marked by a bold red line.
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