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This is the personal section of my web pages, so I guess I ought to put in some sort of disclaimer that anything in here is my views, and not those of The Bullard, etc. Technically, anything on my web page should be approved by (or, at least, be approvable by) my supervisor, but since it was linked in as `personal' I think I'm pretty safe - Anyone who comes here deserves anything they get. Assuming, of course, that it's not offensive - But you know me better than that...

"Now don't even think about wasting my film..."

This is me. In fact, this is me on my Part II geology field trip to Greece. (Yes, I know, what a hard life we lead.)

These days, as you will have gathered, I work at the Bullard Labs on Madingley Road. And since I'm studying planetary geology, I don't get to go on field trips any more - except those I demonstrate on - I don't think the NERC funding will stretch to taking me to Venus.

As I may have mentioned, I am a member of Queens' College, but having spent 3 years in college graduate accommodation, I'm now living in a private house, at 44 Devonshire Road. It, much like my previous house, is also not very convenient for the Bullard.

If you would like to mail me (go on, you know you want to..) you can do so on my hermes account or my Earth Sciences account.

Well, here is a picture of Queens'. It's not the biggest or richest college in Cambridge, but I like it. Plus we have a Mathematical Bridge, which supposedly was built without any bolts to hold it together. Or so the punt guides will tell you. Mind you, they'll tell you it was built by Newton. The Mathematical bridge is also particularly good for stealing punt poles from. But don't ever do that. That would be naughty.

Not satisfied with being merely the college that I am affiliated to, Queens' also has rather a good Film Club (for which I usher periodically), an Ents programme, comprising two bops a week for most of the year and, of course, Magsoc, the excellent choral and orchestral society with whom I have sung since 1995 , to name but a few. The theatrical society, BATS is also run from Queens'. And a mighty good job they do, too. In addition, I ought to mention Queens' MCR, of which I am, of course, a member.

I also did my undergraduate degree (in Natural Sciences) at Queens', so this is my seventh year there. Oooh, doesn't time fly...

Now this is a picture of some geologists in Duncan's Bar in Arran (and a fine range in tennis shirts they do, too). I'm the blurred character in the middle holding the pint. So, in case you're interested, here is a link to my Arran page.

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