This page lists the most recent students to have completed PhD theses with the Basins Research Group. The title of their thesis and date of presentation is shown after their names.

Angus Halkett
Mantle plumes and the sedimentary record: onshore-offshore India
January 2002

Ben Clarke
Early Cenozoic denudation of the British Isles: a quantative stratigraphic approach
November 2001

Fatma Al-Harthy
Quantifying epeirogenic uplift and denudation across Eastern Australia
September 2001

Paula Smith
A study of mantle melting during lithospheric stretching using subsidence analysis, geochemical and thermodynamical modelling
August 2001

Mahesh Anand
Tectonic-magmatic evolution of the intra-cratonic Cuddapah Basin, India
May 2001

Stephen Jones
Influence of the Iceland plume on Cenozoic sedimentation patterns
September 2000

Paul Faulkner
Tectonic and thermal evolution of South Atlantic marginal basins
July 2000

Paul Bellingham
Extension and subsidence in one and two dimensions, north of 60N
September 1999

Stephanie Baldwin
Quantifying the development of a deep sedimentary basin: The Bonaparte Basin, NW Australia
June 1999

Eleanor Rowley
Quantifying Cenozoic exhumation across the British Isles
June 1998

Andrew Butler
Subsidence of the Palaeozoic continental margins and intracratonic basins of North America
September 1996

Xuelin Qiu
Lithospheric structure of Southern Africa from seismic waveform modelling
December 1995

Emma Jarvis
Quantification of Permo-Triassic lithospheric stretching, southern North Sea
September 1995

Carl Trowell
Lithospheric stretching, subsidence and magmatism in Oman and the Middle East
July 1995

Ben Hall
Early Tertiary tectonics and igneous activity adjacent to the NW European continental margin
April 1995

James Brodie
Early Tertiary magmatism in the North Atlantic
March 1995

Noor A'zim Ibrahim
Major controls on the development of sedimentary sequences
Sabah Basin, Northwest Borneo, Malaysia January 1994

Dan Wooler
Subsidence and volcanism in Western Tethys
April 1993