Gaetan Jouen
PhD Research Student

Research Profile

As part of PhD studies, I try to model the shape of normal faults that we often encounter within extensional basins through 2D and 3D inversion programs developed previously in Cambridge. The method consists of using the shape of the deformed beds inside the hanging-wall to get, by minimizing a misfit function, the best solution for the shape of the fault where the seismic can't tell us more about it.

After having tested the method on sand box models with migrating faults, I'm currently running a series of tests on 3D seismic blocks from the Northen North Sea provided by Shell. The aim of this project is to understand the initial parameters that make a reservoir faulted or not, complex or simple, and how the shape of the main fault controls the deformation at smaller scales. This inversion method is going to be applied in a wide area of the North Sea, then in many basins worldwide.

This work is done in collaboration with Simon Price and Jo Lamens in Shell ExPro Aberdeen.


University of Cambridge: 1999-
PhD Title:
Supervisors: Nicky White, Jo Lamens (Shell Expro).
Supported by NERC and Shell Expro.

Institut Francais du Petrole, Paris
MSc Geology