Dorit Koenitz
PhD Research Student

Research Profile

My research project tries to improve the understanding of the collision problem by imaging the deeper subsurface of an active submarine collision zone. The area chosen is the collision zone south of the Falkland Islands where data can be acquired exclusively at sea. Collision takes place by left-lateral shortening. The northern edge of the plateau is a major transform margin juxtaposing continental and oceanic lithosphere. The plateau itself is of continental origin, while its sediments extend southwards into the Falkland Trough, a back-arc basin which contains oceanic crust.

A primary objective of my project is to reprocess some of the lines of a 2D non-exclusive seismic survey acquired by Geco-Prakla in 1993 and the 2D FIRST-Line acquired 1997 by BIRPS with recently developed seismic processing and imaging techniques. Different multiple removing (e.g. surface multiple attenuation, radon) and migration (e.g. pre-stack depth migration) techniques will be tested to image the deeper structures of the area. The aim of this study is to gain a more detailed understanding of the deeper structures and thus the structural evolution of convergent and strike-slip continental margins.

In 1996 I gained my M.Sc. in Geophysics at the Technical University Clausthal, Germany. The subject of my master thesis was: "Geoelectrical Inversion by the Element Boundary Method", done in cooperation with the company BRGM in Orléans, France. After my studies I worked at Schlumberger - Geco-Prakla in the Data Processing Department and the Reservoir Characterisation and Monitoring Group in Stavanger, Norway. In this position I processed both 3D and multi-component OBC marine seismic surveys. I am familiar with different multiple removing, DMO and pre- and post-stack time migration techniques.


University of Cambridge: ???-
PhD Title: "Imaging the Inner Workings of active collision"
Supervisors: Nicky White, Richard Hobbs
Supported by NERC and Shell Expro.

Technical University of Clausthal (Germany): ???-1996
MSc Geophysics. Thesis title: "Geoelectrical Inversion by the Element Boundary Method"