Pembroke College
Selected Session:
Laboratory measurements of elastic wave anisotropy in partially saturated fractured rocks
Kelvin Amalokwu, Angus Best, Mark Chapman, Jeremy Sothcott, Tim Minshull, Xiang-Yang Li

Improving remote referencing and corrections in aeromagnetic surveys
Kelly Barker Poster Number: 38

A high-resolution, time-variable afterslip model for the 2010 Maule Mw=8.8, Chile megathrust earthquake
Jonathan Bedford, Marcos Moreno, Juan Carlos Baez, Dietrich Lange, Frederik Tilmann, Matthias Rosena, Oliver Heidbach, Onno Oncken, Andreas Rietbrock, Andres Tassara, Michael Bevis, Mitja Bartsch, Christophe Vigny Poster Number: 10

Neogene uplift of Scandinavia: A seismic study of the crust
Walid Ben Mansour, Professor Richard England, Max Moorkamp Poster Number: 12

Microfracture-generated electric current in the crust: a nonextensive approach
Alexis Cartwright-Taylor, Filippos Vallianatos, Peter Sammonds Poster Number: 3

First controlled sub-seabed CO2 release experiment: Insights into gas migration pathways and impacts on sediment physical properties
Melis Cevatoglu, Jonathan M. Bull, Mark E. Vardy, Ian C. Wright, Tom M. Gernon

Crack-tip diversion within an anisotropic geomaterial
Mike Chandler, Nicolas Brantut, Phil Meredith, Brian Crawford

Understanding the nature of mantle upwelling beneath East-Africa
Chiara Civiero, James Hammond, Saskia Goes, Abdulhakim Ahmed, Atalay Ayele, Berhe Goitom, Cecile Doubre, Derek Keir, Georg Rumpker, Ghebrebrhan Ogubazghi, Graham Stuart, Mike Kendall, Sylvie Leroy Poster Number: 25

Down-temperature progression in deformation mechanisms within an oceanic shear zone: Carrick Luz, the Lizard, Cornwall
Stephen Clesham, Chris MacLeod Poster Number: 15

Matt Commin Poster Number: 22

Near-field GNSS for real-time tsunami early warning systems
Philippa Cowles, Peter Clarke, Nigel Penna, Qiuhua Liang Poster Number: 16

Forward models of torsional waves: dispersion and geometric effects
Grace A. Cox, Phil W. Livermore, Jon E. Moun Poster Number: 35

Mode coupling in surface wave tomography
Arjun Datta, Keith Priestley, Chris Chapman Poster Number: 30

On the design of free software in the geosciences
Christopher Dimech, Vincent, C. H. Tong, Sinan Ozeren

Determining the lifespan and pulse of the Paran'a -- Etendeka large igneous province through detailed magnetostratigraphy
Sarah Dodd, Adrian Muxworthy, Conall Mac Niocaill Poster Number: 19

The equation of state of liquid iron at the conditions of the interior of Mercury
A. Edgington, L. Vocadlo, L. Strixrude, I. G. Woo Poster Number: 36

Seismic reflection images of thermohaline structure as a route to mixing values in the oceans
Matthew Falder, Nicky White, Colm Caulfield, Katy Sheen

A global study of the lowermost mantle using scattered PKKP waves (PK•KP)
Daniel Frost, Sebastian Rost, Neil Selby

The case for long term volcanism resulting in limited magmatism: A seismological study of the Cameroon Volcanic Line
Ryan Gallacher, Ian Bastow, Raphael De Plaen, Emma Chambers, Derek Keir

New group velocity maps of Central and Southern Asia
Amy Gilligan, Keith Priestley, Steven Roecke Poster Number: 28

Sinking slabs, sliding plates and subduction enigmas
Saskia Goes, Rhodri Davies, Loic Fourel, Fanny Garel, Gabriele Morra

Micro-seismicity and spatial mapping of the b value around Askja, Icelan
Tim Greenfield, Robert S. White, Robert G. Green Poster Number: 6

Bookshelf faulting and rotations in the north Iceland volcanic rift zone
Robert G. Green, Robert S. White, Tim Greenfield Poster Number: 8

Palaeomagnetic secular variation on lava flows sampled within the Taupo Volcanic Zone (TVZ), New Zealand
Annika Greve, Gillian Turner Poster Number: 39

A 3D passive model of Central Sumatra from simultaneous inversion of local and telesiemic source data
Thomas R. Hall, Nicholas Harmon, Timothy Henstock, Lisa McNeil, Deitrich Lange Poster Number: 31

Earthquake relocations and InSAR time series analysis of the June 12th 2011 eruption of Nabro Volcano, Eritrea
Joanna Hamlyn, Tim J. Wright, Jurgen W. Neuberg, Derek Keir

A high-resolution 3D seismic velocity model of the 2010 Mw 8.8 Maule, Chile earthquake rupture zone using a combined on- and off-shore network
Stephen P. Hicks, Andreas Rietbrock, Isabelle Ryder, Matthew Miller, Chao-Shing Lee, Mark Simons, Christian Haberland

Thermoremanent behaviour in interacting single domain magnetite
Emma Hodgson, Andy Biggin, Mimi Hill

Quantifying dynamic topography at the Earth's surface
Mark Hoggard, Nicky White

Frictional control on eruptive style at Mt. Unzen, Japan and Santiaguito, Guatemala
Adrian Hornby, Jackie Kendrick, Takehiro Hirose, Silvio De Angelis, Sarah Henton De Angelis, Yan Lavallee, Kudo Umakosh Poster Number: 18

Global horizontal shear velocity structure and radial anisotropy
Tak Ho, Keith Priestley, Chris Chapman Poster Number: 32

Postseismic deformation for the 1999 Izmit and Duzce earthquakes from satellite geodesy
Ekbal Hussain, Tim Wright, Greg Houseman, Richard Walters Poster Number: 11

Repeating earthquakes on the Chile Subduction zone following the Maule 2010 Earthquake
Jennifer Jenkins, Andreas Rietbrock, Diane Pillot Poster Number: 9

The (seismic) moment of truth: new insights into the source mechanisms of LF volcano seismic events
Sandra Karl, Jurgen W. Neuberg

Bullerwell Lecture: Magmatism and deformation during continental breakup
Derek Keir

Full-waveform inversion of the near surface in exploration seismology
Philip Knaute, Keith Priestley, Colin Thomson

Normal mode inversions for global lowermost mantle structure
Paula Koelemeijer, Arwen Deuss, Jeroen Ritsema, Hendrik van Heijst Poster Number: 33

Waveform modelling and analysis of precursors due to the Hikurangi Plateau, New Zealan
Hannah Love, David Gubbins, Graham Stuart Poster Number: 29

Earth's enigmatic inner core
Karen Lythgoe, Arwen Deuss, John Rudge, Jerome Neufel Poster Number: 34

Ben Maunder Poster Number: 23

Determining the velocity structure beneath the southern and central Atlantic from the group velocities of Rayleigh waves
Emily McCarthy, Stewart Fishwick, Richard England

Structural change in volcanic and geothermal areas using seismic tomography
Mhana Najwa, Bruce R. Julian, Christine Peirce Poster Number: 14

Quaternary slip rates of active normal faults in the northern
Tim Middleton, Richard Walker, Barry Parsons

Viscoelastic relaxation of a magma chamber thermal aureole
James Moore, Michelle Parks Poster Number: 17

Can the comprehensive model (CM4) predict the geomagnetic diurnal field when it's not Sq?
Elvis Onovughe

Approximate vs. purely numerical approaches for full waveform modelling of global Earth structure
Laura Parisi, Ana Ferreira, Yann Capdeville

Time-dependent mantle plume behaviour beneath the North Atlantic Ocean
Ross Parnell-Turner, Nicky White

Collapse in thermal plumes
M I B Pears, C Lithgow-Bertellon Poster Number: 20

Improving mantle circulation models by data assimilation
Matthew Price Poster Number: 21

Microseismic Bayesian source inversion
David J. Pugh, Robert S. White, Philip A. F. Christie Poster Number: 5

Preliminary palaeomagnetic results from ICDP Barberton Greenstone Belt scientific drill cores
Laura Roberts Artal, Andy Biggin, Cor Langereis, Allan Wilson, Nick Arnt, Mimi Hill Poster Number: 37

Seismological insights into the structure of the Lesser Antilles Arc
David Schlaphorst, J-Michael Kendall, Brian Baptie

Lithospheric structure around a convective upwelling: Receiver function studies of the North Atlantic region
Charlie Schoonman, Nicky White Poster Number: 26

High speed ice friction
Alexandra Seymour-Pierce, P Sammonds, B Lishman Poster Number: 2

Icequakes! Microseismic 'sticky spots' in Rutford Ice Stream, West Antarctica
Emma C. Smith, Andy M. Smith, Robert S. White, Alex Brisbourne Poster Number: 1

Numerical modelling of the continental break-up of the South Atlantic
Chandra Taposeea, Jenny Collier, John Armitage Poster Number: 24

Seismic activity estimates for the Cerberus Fossae region of Mars and implications
Jennifer Taylor, Nick Teanby, James Wookey

Noise investigation of a towed marine active source EM system
Axel Laurel Tcheheumeni, Anton Ziolkowski, David Wright

Seismic imaging of the Ontong-Java Plateau using SS precursors
Saikiran Tharimena, Catherine Rychert, Nicholas Harmon Poster Number: 27

New middle eastern archaeointensity data and its impact on archaeomagnetic jerk theory
Megan Thomas, Mimi Hill, Andy Biggin

Cratonic basin formation: an integrated geological/geophysical study of subsidence history,
B. Tozer, A.B Watts, M. Daly Poster Number: 13

Attenuation anisotropy during hydraulic fracture stimulation.
P. J. Usher, J-M Kendall

Seismic observations of anisotropy in the lowermost mantle from a global dataset
Jack Walpole, James Wookey, Guy Masters, Andy Nowacki, Andrew Walke

The composition of the cores of terrestrial planets -- understanding the iron-nickel-silicon system
Elizabeth Wann, Lidunka Vocadlo, Ian G. Wood, David P. Dobson

Non-double-couple earthquakes in Krafla caldera, Iceland
Zoë Watson, Jon Tarasewicz, David J. Pugh, Robert S. White

Initial event locations and magnitudes at Alutu, an actively deforming volcano in the Main Ethiopian Rift
Matthew Wilks Poster Number: 7

Gas migration below gas hydrates controlled by mass transport complexes, offshore Mauritania
Jinxiu Yang, Richard J. Davies, Mads Huuse Poster Number: 4

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