Wednesday 4th September

Icebreaker Punting
18:00 - Scudamores, Mill Lane

If you have booked a place on the punting trip please meet at the Peterhouse College (accommodation) Porter's lodge at 17:30 to walk down to the punts. If, for any reason you don't manage to meet us there then please head to the far end of Mill Lane (map here) - where the punting company Scuadmores are based. Unfortunately we cannot accommodate any more people on the trip as places had to be pre-booked. Please note that the trip will go ahead even if it rains so it is advised to bring waterproof coats - umbrella's and blankets will be provided by the punting company.

Icebreaker Drinks
18:30 - Cambridge Brewhouse

Drinks and nibbles will be taking place at the fantastic Cambridge Brewhouse pub on King Street (map here) from 18:30. Some drinks will be provided but you might want to bring a bit of cash along to lubricate the evening :)

Thursday 5th September

09:00 - Department of Earth Sciences

09:30 - Physiology Lecture Theatre

09:40 - Physiology Lecture Theatre

Crack-tip diversion within an anisotropic geomaterial
Mike Chandler, Nicolas Brantut, Phil Meredith, Brian Crawford

Laboratory measurements of elastic wave anisotropy in partially saturated fractured rocks
Kelvin Amalokwu, Angus Best, Mark Chapman, Jeremy Sothcott, Tim Minshull, Xiang-Yang Li

Attenuation anisotropy during hydraulic fracture stimulation.
P. J. Usher, J-M Kendall

The composition of the cores of terrestrial planets -- understanding the iron-nickel-silicon system
Elizabeth Wann, Lidunka Vocadlo, Ian G. Wood, David P. Dobson

On the design of free software in the geosciences
Christopher Dimech, Vincent, C. H. Tong, Sinan Ozeren

Coffee Break
11:20 - Common Room

11:50 - Physiology Lecture Theatre

Full-waveform inversion of the near surface in exploration seismology
Philip Knaute, Keith Priestley, Colin Thomson

Approximate vs. purely numerical approaches for full waveform modelling of global Earth structure
Laura Parisi, Ana Ferreira, Yann Capdeville

Determining the velocity structure beneath the southern and central Atlantic from the group velocities of Rayleigh waves
Emily McCarthy, Stewart Fishwick, Richard England

12:50 - Common Room

Invited Lecture: Saskia Goes
13:50 - Physiology Lecture Theatre

Sinking slabs, sliding plates and subduction enigmas
Saskia Goes, Rhodri Davies, Loic Fourel, Fanny Garel, Gabriele Morra

Conference Photo
14:50 - Department Front Steps

15:00 - Common Room

Poster Abstracts

16:40 - Physiology Lecture Theatre

Seismological insights into the structure of the Lesser Antilles Arc
David Schlaphorst, J-Michael Kendall, Brian Baptie

Seismic observations of anisotropy in the lowermost mantle from a global dataset
Jack Walpole, James Wookey, Guy Masters, Andy Nowacki, Andrew Walke

A global study of the lowermost mantle using scattered PKKP waves (PK•KP)
Daniel Frost, Sebastian Rost, Neil Selby

Seismic activity estimates for the Cerberus Fossae region of Mars and implications
Jennifer Taylor, Nick Teanby, James Wookey

18:00 - Common Room

With a selection of beer from the local Milton Brewery

Conference Dinner
19:30 - Peterhouse College

Candelit dinner in the Peterhouse Great Hall

Friday 6th September

09:30 - Physiology Lecture Theatre

First controlled sub-seabed CO2 release experiment: Insights into gas migration pathways and impacts on sediment physical properties
Melis Cevatoglu, Jonathan M. Bull, Mark E. Vardy, Ian C. Wright, Tom M. Gernon

Seismic reflection images of thermohaline structure as a route to mixing values in the oceans
Matthew Falder, Nicky White, Colm Caulfield, Katy Sheen

Noise investigation of a towed marine active source EM system
Axel Laurel Tcheheumeni, Anton Ziolkowski, David Wright

Thermoremanent behaviour in interacting single domain magnetite
Emma Hodgson, Andy Biggin, Mimi Hill

Can the comprehensive model (CM4) predict the geomagnetic diurnal field when it's not Sq?
Elvis Onovughe

Coffee Break
11:20 - Common Room

11:40 - Physiology Lecture Theatre

New middle eastern archaeointensity data and its impact on archaeomagnetic jerk theory
Megan Thomas, Mimi Hill, Andy Biggin

A high-resolution 3D seismic velocity model of the 2010 Mw 8.8 Maule, Chile earthquake rupture zone using a combined on- and off-shore network
Stephen P. Hicks, Andreas Rietbrock, Isabelle Ryder, Matthew Miller, Chao-Shing Lee, Mark Simons, Christian Haberland

Quaternary slip rates of active normal faults in the northern
Tim Middleton, Richard Walker, Barry Parsons

Earthquake relocations and InSAR time series analysis of the June 12th 2011 eruption of Nabro Volcano, Eritrea
Joanna Hamlyn, Tim J. Wright, Jurgen W. Neuberg, Derek Keir

13:00 - Common Room

Bullerwell Lecture: Derek Keir
14:00 - Physiology Lecture Theatre

Bullerwell Lecture: Magmatism and deformation during continental breakup
Derek Keir

Coffee Break
15:00 - Common Room

15:20 - Physiology Lecture Theatre

Non-double-couple earthquakes in Krafla caldera, Iceland
Zoë Watson, Jon Tarasewicz, David J. Pugh, Robert S. White

The (seismic) moment of truth: new insights into the source mechanisms of LF volcano seismic events
Sandra Karl, Jurgen W. Neuberg

The case for long term volcanism resulting in limited magmatism: A seismological study of the Cameroon Volcanic Line
Ryan Gallacher, Ian Bastow, Raphael De Plaen, Emma Chambers, Derek Keir

Quantifying dynamic topography at the Earth's surface
Mark Hoggard, Nicky White

Time-dependent mantle plume behaviour beneath the North Atlantic Ocean
Ross Parnell-Turner, Nicky White

Closing Remarks
17:00 - Physiology Lecture Theatre

17:30 - Common Room

With a selection of beer from the local Milton Brewery