The British Institutions
Reflection Profiling Syndicate

(Falkland Islands Regional Seismic Traverse)

Date: October/November 1998

Length of Profile: 1232 km

Acquisition contractor: Horizon Exploration

Principal Investigators: Nicky White, Satish Singh and Richard England, Bullard Laboratories, Cambridge

The Falkland Islands coincident wide-angle and deep reflection experiment is a collaborative effort between BIRPS and YPF (the Argentine National Oil Company). The principal targets include:
(a) the deep and shallow structure of a recently active convergent margin;
(b) the cross-sectional geometry of one of the longest fracture zones in the world; &
(c) sedimentary basin formation on, and the deep structure of, the Falkland Plateau.

A commercial processing contractor is currently being tendered.

Data Availability:

Information on how to order BIRPS data and a list of costs are available from:

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Data will be despatched by security services in UK and air freight outside the UK for which an additional charge will be made. An invoice will be sent under separate cover.