Detlef Hanne

Scientific interests:

My main scientific interests are:

  1. Subsidence history of the Betics, SE Spain
    Investigation of the rift events in SE Spain from the Palaeozoic to nowadays.
  2. The early history of the Hudson Bay basin
    Investigation of Palaeozoic rifting and subsequent uplift and erosion.
  3. 2D subsidence modelling of various sedimentary basins around the world:
    e.g. the Dniepr-Donets basin (Ukraine), the North Sea and the San Jorge basin (Argentina).
  4. The development of Regolith and the geochemistry of Laterites.


  1. "The Early History of the Hudson Bay Basin using 1D and 2D Subsidence Modelling", in prep.
  2. "Subsidence Analyses from the Betic Cordillera of Spain", submitted in March 2001.


  1. "The History of the Hudson Bay - Constraints from 2D Subsidence Modelling", EUG XI Conference, Strasbourg, April 2001.
  2. "The Inverse Approach - 2D Subsidence Modelling of Extensional Sedimentary Basins with an Example from the North Sea", New Insights into Basin Studies, Conference of the Geological Society, London, March 2001.

Poster Presentations:

  1. "2D Inverse Subsidence Modelling of Sedimentary Basins World-Wide", Geological Modelling, Conference of the Geological Society, London, September 2000.

Title of the thesis for my 1st degree:

"Sedimentology and Tectonics of the Galley Head, County Cork, SW Ireland"

Investigation of the formation of a sedimentary basin during the Devonian and Carboniferous and its complex deformation during the Herzynian Orogeny.

Last updated: February 2nd 2002
Detlef Hanne
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