Geo Tools

  • Cambridge University Earth Sciences
  • Bullard Laboratories - the home of geophysics in Cambridge

  • Here is a great site on sequence stratigraphy from the University of South Carolina. Check it out.

  • Zoeppritz Equations

    Here is a FORTRAN script which has coded up the Zoeppritz Equations. These equations describe the relative amplitudes of reflected transmitted and converted waves with angle of incidence at an interface between two media of differing properties. The zprtz.f subroutine was written by G. B. Young and L. W. Braile. The main.f front end was written by me, Jenny Maresh while at the Bullard Laboratories, University of Cambridge. You can probably tell that I don't know the first thing about FORTRAN. :o)

    Compile the script doing something like this: f77 main.f zprtz.f -o zprtz

    main.f  - The front end fortran subroutine
    zprtz.f  - The main fortran subroutine - A help file to help you
    zprtz.par - A sample input file

    utm2geo converter

    The next useful tool is a UTM to geographic coordinate converter. Someone has told me that this can be done in GMT, and I don't doubt it. GMT is after all totally amazing and fantastic. However here is another FORTRAN program this time written by Rose Edwards, formally of Bullard Laboratories, which does a good job.  Various important things to know about the program are included in the associated help file.


    Next are some useful Geological/Computery type links which I use in my PhD
  • GMT - Generic Mapping Tools, better than any fancy GIS package... and free
  • UTM to Geographic convertor - A useful java applet if you want to convert just one or two points quickly
  • RAYINVR - 2D traveltime inversion and amplitude modeling programs from Colin Zelt at Rice University, Texas.
  • nedit - My new favorite text editor.
  • gnuplot - a very quick way of plotting things up and looking at functions in 2D and 3D.
  • gnuplot tutorial - This site got me up and running with gnuplot.



    Here are some links which might be useful for anyone writing a thesis especially if the use LaTeX.
  • Cambridge University Engineering has a great LaTeX tutorial plus loads of key links and downloads. (I think access may be limited to cam only though)
  • Bibtex is the bibliography arm of LaTeX. This Harvard University site explains how to use it.
  • Lynch's Guide to Grammar and Style is a bit American, but useful all the same
  • The Elements of Style by William Strunk, Jr. purportedly a 1918 classic is published in it's entirety by
  • OED - The definitive word on words.



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