East Africa Trip

These photos are from a month's holiday in East Africa during June/July 2006. I flew into Dar, where I met up with my folks and my brother. We then drove up the North of Tanzania, through the Usambaras, past Kili and Meru to Ngorongoro and Serengeti. From there we went west to Lake Vic, then up into Kenya, through the Western Highlands to Mt Kenya. My brother then flew back to Cape Town from Nairobi, and the remaining three of us headed for Uganda via Lake Naivasha and the Kakamega Forest. Our main concentrations in Uganda were the Kibali Forest and the Queen Elizabeth National Park, after which we headed South through Rwanda and Western Tanzania into Zambia. I then flew back to the UK from Lusaka, while my folks drove back to CT.

This page has been hastily modified from a webpage generated automatically by Google's Picasa software. Apologies for not being more original. With any luck I might get down to labelling the photos at some point.

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