John Maclennan
PhD Students [click name for more info]

MSci Students
  • Fiona Hilton (1998) Geochemical variability within the Borgarhraun lava flow, now at Met Office
  • Annette Jeszierska (2005) Comparison of olivine compositions from north and south Iceland
  • Margaret Hartley (2006) Physical properties of magmas from north Iceland, now at University of Edinburgh
  • Vincci Lau (2007) Evidence for melt mixing at Sellandafjall
  • Gareth Barry (2007) Cone sheets of Ardnamurchan, now at University of Liverpool
  • Megan Newcombe (2008) Trace element diffusion in olivines, now at Caltech
  • Oli Shorttle (2008) Major element variations in Icelandic lavas, now at University of Cambridge
  • Amanda Foan (2009)
  • Jonathan Douglas (2010)
  • Andrew Thomson (2010)

PhD Students

Emma Passmore (Edinburgh, 2004-2009) Now at University College London
Feeding large eruptions: crystallisation, mixing and degassing in Icelandic magma chambers

Emma Passmore with Hawaiian lava

Supervisors: John Maclennan, Godfrey Fitton (Edinburgh), Thor Thordarson (Edinburgh)
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Rachel Walters (Dublin, 2005-2009) Now postdoc at University of Florida
Geochemical signature of rift relocations at Iceland

Rachel Walters at Reykjavik Campsite

Supervisors: Steve Jones (Trinity College Dublin), John Maclennan
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Sarah Collins (Cambridge, 2005-2009). Now at University of Durham.
Degassing of trace metals from volcanoes

Sarah Collins at Etna

Supervisors: David Pyle (Oxford), Tamsin Mather (Oxford), John Maclennan
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Gareth Roberts (Cambridge, 2006-2010) Now postdoc at University of Cambridge
The drainage evolution of the Nile

Supervisors: Nicky White, John Maclennan
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Sarah Nixon (Cambridge, 2007-present)
Linking drainage, magmatism and plume swells in North Africa

Supervisors: Nicky White, John Maclennan
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Ben Winpenny (Cambridge, 2007-present)
The origins of O-isotopic variation in oceanic gabbros

Ben Winpenny in Oman

Supervisors: John Maclennan, Mike Bickle
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Issy Sides (Cambridge, 2008-present)
Degassing at ocean island volcanoes

Supervisors: Marie Edmonds, John Maclennan
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Oli Shorttle (Cambridge, 2009-present)
Melting and mantle heterogeneity under central Iceland

Oli Shorttle at Herdubreid

Supervisors: John Maclennan, Alex Piotrowski, Karl Gronvold
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David Neave (Cambridge, 2010-present)
Triggering of large eruptions: Lessons from Icelandic fissures

David Neave at Laki

Supervisors: John Maclennan, Marie Edmonds, Thor Thordarson, Dan Morgan
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