Fred Bry
PhD Research Student

Research Profile

The South Falklands and Malvinas foreland basins have formed as a result of the flexure of the Falklands Plateau (part of the South American plate) under the load of the Burdwood Bank (part of the Scotia plate). High quality seismic data have been used to analyse the abundant normal faults which cut the foreland plate, and which display striking changes in geometry and abundance along the strike of the foredeep trough.

The strength of the lithosphere underlying the basins has been quantified by elastic thickness (Te) modelling using both the forward modelling of flexural profiles in the space domain and the admittance technique in the spectral domain. Both techniques reveal that the Malvinas and South Falklands basins are relatively weak when compared with other such basins in the world, yielding Te values ranging from 4 to 14 km.

Modelling has also revealed lateral changes in lithospheric strength, which appear to correspond to variations in the structural characteristics of the different parts of the foredeep.


University of Cambridge: 1999-
PhD Title: Structural and lithospheric properties of the South Falklands and Malvinas foreland basins
Supervisor: Nicky White, Richard England and Satish Singh

Royal School of Mines, Imperial College: 1995-1999
MSc Petroleum Geoscience
BSc Geology