Steve Jones
Postdoctorate Researcher

Research Profile

I am currently working as a postdoc in the Basin Research Group.


Cambridge Antarctic Survey Project: 2000-2001
Concentrating on `Tectonic reconstructions of the North Atlantic'

University of Cambridge: 1996-2000
PhD Title: "Influence of the Iceland Plume on Cenozoic Sedimentation Patterns"
Supervisors: Nicky White and Bryan Lovell.

Royal Holloway and Bedford New College 1993-1996
BSc Geology


  1. `V-shaped ridges around Iceland: implications for spatial and temporal patterns of mantle convection'
  2. `Onset of subduction as the cause of rapid Plio-Quaternary subsidence in the South Caspian Basin'
  3. `Present and past influences of the Iceland plume on sedimentation'
  4. `Cenozoic and Cretaceous transient uplift in the Porcupine Basin and its relationship to a mantle plume'