Autumn 2004

October 13

Christine Thomas (University of Liverpool). The structure of the D" region from seismological observations.

October 20

David White (Schlumberger Cambridge Research). Drilling and the challenges facing the oil industry.

October 27

Ken Gledhill (New Zealand Institute of Geological and Nuclear Science). Seismic anisotropy and New Zealand tectonics: a decade of observation and interpretation.

November 3

Rod Graham (Amerada Hess). Aspects (that no-one wants to hear) of the evolution of the South Caspian.

November 10

David Pyle (University of Cambridge). Seasonality of volcanic eruptions: causes and consequences.

November 17

Vincent Tong (Imperial College London). Seismic studies of the East Pacific Rise.

November 24

Almar de Ronde (University of Basel). Interactions between metamorphism and deformation: an experimental study on plagioclase-olivine rocks.

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