Autumn 2005

October 10 (11 am)

Mark Shann (BP). Evolution of North Africa from the Permo-Triassic: a pharonic perspective.

October 19

Saskia Goes (Imperial College London). Seismic constraints on the thermal structure of continental lithosphere.

October 26

Rob Jones (Schlumberger Cambridge Research). Microseismicity and the Oil Business.

November 2

Marian Holness (University of Cambridge). Magma chamber history inferred from petrographic observations of late-stage cumulate evolution.

November 9 (4 pm)

Helen Lau (Dalhousie University, Canada). Structure of the Eastern Grand Banks / Newfoundland Basin rifted margin.

November 16 (4 pm)

Shamita Das (University of Oxford). The fastest earthquake speed ever detected: the 2001 Kunlun, Tibet earthquake.

November 23 (4 pm)

Penny Barton (University of Cambridge). Between a rock and a hard place: tall tales and new data from Chicxulub.

November 30 (2:30 pm)

Richard Walker (University of Oxford). Determining the rates of faulting in Iran.

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