Autumn 2006

October 11

Richard Katz (DAMTP, University of Cambridge). The deep roots of volcanoes: models of magma-mantle interaction.

October 18

Yaoling Niu (University of Durham). Global MORB chemistry and ridge axial depth: a new interpretation.

October 25

Stewart Fishwick (University of Cambridge). Surface wave tomography: insights into the structure of the upper mantle beneath Australia.

November 1

Michel Campillo (Université Joseph Fourier, Grenoble). Phase and correlation in "random" seismic fields: imaging with background noise and coda.

November 8

Mike Searle (University of Oxford). Geological constraints on the Himalaya-Tibet collision process.

November 22

Mike Kendall (University of Bristol). Passive seismic monitoring, seismic anisotropy, and the state of stress in a reservoir.

November 29 (1 pm)

Richard Hobbs (University of Durham). Statistically determining errors in velocity models.

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