Autumn 2007

October 10

Hazel Rymer (Open University). Magmatic processes at persistently active volcanoes and calderas in a state of unrest: insights from micro-gravity.

October 17

Phil Gans (UC Santa Barbara). Dismantling the paradigm of Cordilleran metamorphic core complexes: new evidence for footwall rotation, episodic unroofing, and tectonic heredity.

October 24

John Hillier (University of Cambridge). Finding and modelling the population of submarine volcanoes.

October 31

Aurelia Hubert-Ferrari (Royal Observatory of Belguim). The Kuche Fold-and-Thrust Belt (western China): Structure and related folding of the landscape.

November 7 (2 pm, Old House Tea Room)

Doug Masson (National Oceanography Centre, University of Southampton). Submarine landslides: processes, triggers and hazard prediction.

November 14

Mike Leeder (University of East Anglia). New Readings from the Rock Record: linking the μικρο- to μεγα-scales of tectonics and sedimentation in the last 5 my of Corinth Rift history

November 21

Jeff Ritz (Université Montpellier). Gurvan Bogd moutain range: active fault and mountain building process.

Monday November 26 (special lunchtime seminar, 2:15 pm)

Steinunn Jakobsdottir (Icelandic Metereological Office / University of Leeds). A magmatic origin for the 2007 micro-earthquake swarms at Upptyppingar, Iceland?

November 28 (2 pm)

Dickson Cunningham (University of Leicester). Lidar work in Slovenia.

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