Spring 2005

January 12

Roman Spitzer (University of Cambridge). Advances in seismic imaging through basalts: a case study from the Faroes-Shetland Basin

January 19

J. E. Andrews (University of East Anglia). Building microbial bioherms in the Quaternary Gulf of Corinth.

February 2

Heidi Soosalu (University of Cambridge). Seismic and geodetic evidence of a cryptodome at the Katla volcano, South Iceland.

February 8 (extra!)

Chris Chapman (Schlumberger Cambridge Research). The Tsunami: personal experience and wave propagation.

February 9

Kerry Sieh (Caltech). Uplift and submergence in Sumatra.

February 16

Francis Nimmo (UCLA). Extension on Europa.

February 23

Arwen Deuss (University of Cambridge). Probing Earth's deep interior using mantle discontinuities.

March 2

Tim Reston (ifM-GEOMAR, Kiel). Rifted margins.

March 9

Simon Redfern (University of Cambridge). How relaxed is the Earth? Anelasticity of microstructured minerals at seismic frequencies.

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