Spring 2006

January 25

Tim Henstock (National Oceanography Centre, Southampton). Morphology of the Sumatra subduction zone: rupture to the seafloor during major plate boundary earthquakes?

February 1

George Helffrich (University of Bristol). Seismological constraints on outer core composition.

February 15 (4 pm)

Matt Luheshi (BP). Monitoring oil and gas reservoirs with 4D seismic.

February 22

Michael Weber (GFZ Potsdam). Plumes, intrusions, shear zones and gas hydrates studied by the combination of geophysical methods.

March 8

John Maclennan (University of Cambridge). Melting, mixing and crystalisation: controls on compositional variation in Icelandic basalts.

March 15

Diana Roman (University of Leeds). The origin of volcanotectonic earthquake swarms.

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