Spring 2008

January 16

Xiaohui Yuan (GFZ Potsdam). What can we learn from the S receiver functions?

January 23

Frederik Tilmann (University of Cambridge). Seismological insights into the subduction process.

January 30

Lucy Macgregor (OHM Surveys Ltd.). Recent developments in controlled-source EM.

February 6

Sasha Turchyn (University of Cambridge). Oxygen isotope insights into the Marine Sulphur Cycle.

February 13

Nikolai Shapiro (IPGP). Process-oriented surface-wave tomography.

February 20

Graham Pearson (University of Durham). Making continental roots and continental crust.

February 27

Greg Houseman (University of Leeds). Lithospheric instability and intra-orogenic extension.

March 5

Tim Wright (University of Leeds). Splitting a continent in Afar, Ethiopia: the 2005-20?? Dabbahu rifting episode.

March 12

Penny Barton (University of Cambridge). Inside the Chicxulub Impact Crater.

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