Lent 2010

Wednesday 20 January

Dr Andy Carter, (University College London) Geochronological studies on causes and consequences of an expanding eastern Tibet

Wednesday 27 January

Dr Ed Nissen (Bullard Laboratories, University of Cambridge) New insights into folding and faulting in the Zagros mountains (Iran)

Wednesday 3 February

Prof Michael Carpenter (Department of Earth Sciences, University of Cambridge) Elastic anomalies and anelastic loss mechanisms due to phase transitions in minerals

Wednesday 17 February

Dr Jerome Neufeld (ITG, University of Cambridge) Sweeping carbon under the geological rug: leakage and mixing in carbon sequestration

Wednesday 24 February

Dr Alexander Densmore (Durham University) Surface rupture and landsliding in the great 12 May 2008 Sichuan earthquake

Wednesday 3 March

Professor Andy Woods (BP Institute, University of Cambridge) On Carbon Sequestration

Wednesday 10 March

Professor James Ni (New Mexico State University) Slab geometry and mantle flow in the Rivera-Cocos subduction zone

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