Mark Andrew James Taylor

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Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, USA Ph.D. in Applied Physics Sept. '93 - June '98
Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, USA M.Sc. in Applied Physics Sept. '93 - June '95
Cambridge University, Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge B.A. (Hons) in Natural Sciences Oct. '90 - June '93

Bullard Laboratories, Cambridge University

June 1998 - present
Research Group:  Dr. Satish C. Singh
  • Development of theory and software; seismic data processing.  Wide-ranging applications including: quantifying properties of the Earth's inner core; the magma chamber under the Mt. Vesuvius volcano, Naples; the effect of fluid layers in basalts.  Undertaken both individual and collaborative projects.  Further details here (or, no-frames).

Experience at Harvard University

    Research in lithospheric stressing and 
    earthquake processes: 
Advisor:  Prof. James R. Rice
  • Stress accumulation and release in the subduction zone earthquake cycle; upper plate/back-arc, slab and outer-rise seismicity in relation to coupling along the thrust interface.
  • Finite element models to calculate stress changes in the slab and outer-rise to explain position and timing of seismicity in the earthquake cycle; relating inhomogenous slip along strike to Coulomb Shear Stress changes in the upper plate and seismicity.
    Graduate Courses:
  • Solid Mechanics, Advanced Elasticity, Fracture Mechanics, Fluid Dynamics
  • Earthquake Source Processes, Physics of the Earth's Interior, Geodynamics, Theoretical Seismology
  • Structure and Deformation of Solids, Complex Function Theory, Partial Differential and Integral Equations.
  • Teaching Assistant for undergraduate classes in Applied Maths, Engineering Sciences (Finite Elements) and Earth and Planetary Sciences (Mathematical Methods). Led sections, laboratory sessions and lectures, graded assignments and helped write problem sets and exams.
  • Resident Tutor in Physics at Winthrop House (Harvard University) - Assisted students with coursework in Physics and Applied Maths and course selection. Responsible for discipline and well-being of entryway of 40 students, wrote letters of recommendation and organized/participated in athletic and music activities.
    System Manager:
  • Responsible for cluster of Sun (UNIX) workstations and networked Macintosh PCs - system maintenance, installation of software and operating systems (Sun OS, Solaris, Mac OS and Windows).

Other Work Experience

Summer 1992
  • Chemical lab using NMR spectroscopy to develop a robust method of detecting levels of silica in a range of compounds. Carried out computer-aided analysis to identify correlations between a variety of physical and chemical properties in compounds. Submitted extensive report.
Summer 1991
  • Wet-chemistry lab exploring methods of purifying Zirconia - reducing impurity levels to a few ppm using ion-exchange resins. Gave group meeting presentation and submitted written report.

Societies, Awards and Positions

1993 - present
1990 - 1992
1992 - 1993
1991 - 1993

Personal Information

  • Keen rower and sculler.  Played trumpet for Jazz bands, orchestras and ensembles.
  • Software/Programming - proficient in: Finite Element Modeling (ABAQUS and Patran), Microsoft Office (Word, Powerpoint and Excel), Adobe Pagemaker and Photoshop, Mathematica, FORTRAN and C++.



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