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Since October 1999 I am working on my PhD within the  LITHOS-working group at the Bullard Laboratories at Cambridge University . After spending some time investigating the possibilities of multiple suppression in marine seismic long offset data (simulated streamer length up to 30 km) I work now on the development of an efficient ray tracing code based on irregular gridding using Delaunay triangulation, walking triangles and a funky chicken.

Currently the funky chicken is picking travel times, and I am enjoying the summer   =:o) 

Previous work

The topic of my diploma thesis at Christian-Albrechts-University in Kiel was "Processing and Visualisation of 4-Dimensional Georadar Data " and was conducted within the working group for preferential fluid flow

As member of the working group for archaeological prospection I participated in surveys in Turkey (archaic Milet and hitite Sarissa), Wallendorf (gallo-roman oppidum), Trier (roman forum), Reric near Wismar (slavonian settlement), Selinunte on Sicily (greek-punian settlement) and Bordesholm (monastery). 

In April 2000 I conducted with the Vienna Institute for Archaeological Science and the Central Insitute for Meteorology and Geodynamics a magnetic survey in the roman settlement of Carnuntum (Austria). 


Trinks I.
Traveltime tomography in triangulated grids
LITHOS Science report 2003, pp. 11-21 
PS document 1.95 MB

Trinks I.
Traveltime tomography using irregular parameterised grids: Solving the inverse problem
LITHOS Science report 2002, pp. 35-40. 
PDF document 731 KB

Trinks I., Wachsmuth D., Stümpel H.
Monitoring water flow in the unsaturated zone using georadar
FIRST BREAK  19.12, 2001, pp. 679-684.
(Please send me an email if interested in this paper)

Trinks I.
Traveltime tomography using irregular parameterised grids
LITHOS Science report 2001, pp. 53-57.
PDF document 193 KB

Trinks I., Wachsmuth D., Stümpel H.
Processing and Visualisation of 4D-GPR Data
International Conference on GPR in Archaeology (Nara - Japan, February 2001).
(Abstract on external page)

Trinks I.
Removing multiples from the wide-angle wavefield
LITHOS Science report 2000, pp. 113-116.
PDF document 46 KB

Trinks I., Stümpel H., Lorra S.
Integrated geophysical surveys for archaeological prospecting - new results
3rd International Conference on Archaeological Prospection
9.-11. September 1999, Munich, Germany
(Abstract on external page)

Wachsmuth D., Piening J., Trinks I., Greinwald S.: 
Untersuchungen zur Eignung geophysikalischer Verfahren bei der Erkundung einer komplexen Ganglagerstätte. 
Poster, 59. Jahrestagung der DGG, 8-12 März 1999, Braunschweig, Deutschland.
Poster A0 (Zipped PostScript, German Text only) 900KB

Stümpel H., Demirel F., Rabbel W., Trinks I., Wölz S.
Geophysikalische Prospektion im Umfeld von Milet 1996-1997
Deutsches Archäologisches Institut
Archäologischer Anzeiger 1999 - Sonderdruck Seite 89-98.


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