Curriculum Vitae of Immo Trinks

born on 
October 10th 1972
Bonn - Germany

1979-1992 Primary and secondary school in Freising near Munich
Camerloher Gymnasium
1992 Abitur
1992-1993 Civil service at the Baverian State Office for the Preservation of Cultural Heritage, Department of Archaeological Prospection and Aerial Archaeology in Munich
1993-1995 Ludwigs Maximilians University, Munich
Study  of Geophysics
1995 Prediploma
1996-1999 Christian Albrechts University, Kiel
Study of Geophysics
January 1998 Oral diploma examination
3. June 1999
Diploma thesis:
Diploma in Geophysics
Processing and Visualisation of 4 dimensional Georadar Data

1987-1992 Participation in archaeological excavations of roman and neolithic settlements
1992-1993 Participation in magnetic prospection of stone age and medieval settlements;
Assistency in topographic surveys of archaeological sites;
Assistency in the Bavarian archive for aerial photography working on Celitc four corner entrenchments
1996 Participation in magnetic prospection of the Viking age settlement Reric near Wismar and of the Celtic-roman settlement Wallendorf near Luxemburg; 
Participation in magnetic prospection and seismic shearwave survey in Milet (Turkey)
1997 Participation in magnetic prospection of the Hittite settlement Sarissa in Central Anatolia (Turkey) 
Responsible for the magnetic prospection in Milet;
Kite-Aerial-Photography in Milet;
Practical course in seafloor surveying (Lübeck Bay)
1998 Participation in magnetic prospection in Reric and Trier


Participation in magnetic prospection in Milet und Selinunte (Sicily)

Participation in magnetic prospection in Carnuntum (Austria) with the Vienna Institute for Archaeological Science and the Central Institute for Meteorology and Geogynamic

2001 Invited talk on International Conference on GPR in Archaeology in Nara, Japan 

Operating Systems: Linux, Unix, Windows
Software: Seismic Unix, Generic Mapping Tools, ProMAX, FOCUS, T3D, PowerPoint, Calamus
Aquatic Sports: Diving license CMAS* 1993;
Sportboat Driving license 1993;
Nautical Archaeological Society Part I course: An Introduction to Archaeology Underwater 1995

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